Sunday, May 1, 2016


Saturday 30 April, off the coast of Italy:
I’m in the gym, listening to Aretha Franklin singing “Say a Little Prayer” and I’m on an exercise bicycle, only about 5 more minutes to go, and I have one of those moments.
It’s like an orgasm. Exquisite, releasing, and all-too-brief. 
The subtle high of exercise endorphins is being released, energy flows through me even as I sweat profusely, and the view before me, through the floor-to-ceiling glass of the gym, is 180 degrees spectacular.
Bonjour, Isle of Capri.
The sky is a soft blue, the sea a darker blue, and the horizon is peaceful, with limestone cliffs and a picturesque port town of 20,000 inhabitants, swelling to 300,000, I’m told, in the ‘high’ season.
I am happy to view it from the balcony of my gorgeous room, or on the decks with my new friends, Jonathan and Julian (brothers, from the UK).
I hope to include a photograph or two with this blog, but I don’t wish to get bogged down with IT on my European holiday, especially as I wind down after 30 minutes in le petit gym. 10 kilometres of bicycling, and 175 calories used.  That takes account of roughly half my breakfast, ha ha.
In about an hour we disembark off the Amalfi Coast and head for Positano before a recital this evening of Chopin works.
Life, my friends, could be worse…

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