Friday, May 6, 2016


Very happily for us the weather improved as we hit the Dalmatian coast and sailed over two consecutive days into the harbours of two Croatian islands, Hvar and Korcula. On Hvar we went for a walk through the hinterland and had lunch at a local farmer's hamlet high up in the hills overlooking the surrounding bays, the fragrant bouquet of olive tree blossoms wafting through the air as we sipped a Croatian white. Verdict: excellent. At Korcula, we abandoned our guides and walked and laughed with our fellow passengers, tired of the endless history lessons and church visits.  That evening we had the final Classic concert and it was beautiful - from Ravel's Bolero to Russian jazz to Debussy's Claire de Lune, each piece exquisitely interpreted by a United Nations of celebrated pianists. After the 90 minutes, the hairs on my arms were standing on end and I felt completely alive. Bravo! Bellissimo! Encore!
The holiday has not been without its glitches - I mislaid my passport at a critical moment and gave everyone, including myself, heart palpitations for a ghastly half hour until le passport was recovered somewhere not entirely expected. (I am very forgetful, it worries me). We've had two horrible days of drizzly grey, but the forecast is definitely on the up, and now I am holed up in probably the worst room in a dazzling four-star hotel. No sea view, and no chance of one, as the hotel is full.
I am glad however that the hotel is away from the old city which is far too busy - tourists swarm everywhere, and it's not even high summer yet.
Enough chatter for now. I am going for a cocktail. The challenge on this holiday is to restrain one's eating and drinking and so far, I have surprised myself, managing to eat only two meals a day and foregoing wine at meals for the majority of time in favour of occasional cocktails.
Alas, even on holiday, one does need to keep a beady eye on data usage, waistline, laundry... and, of course, passports!
Until ze next time, I send you love, mi amigos, and home remains firmly in my thoughts.

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